Photo of Djama Ibrahim Darar

Djama Ibrahim Darar

Director General, DMP

During his long professional career, Mr. Djama has particularly be active in the search to improve the
efficiency in the port technical Department from 1985 to 1999.
On the strength of his post-graduate, Djama was appointed advisor to the Port’s Director General in

He was and then successively appointed Head of the Centralized Purchasing Department and Head of
Port Billing & Documentation.

From 2008, on his return from a period of technical expertise at the Port of Dakar, he was entrusted
with the Commercial Department and became its Director, while at the same time managing the
port’s operations.

And from 2017 to 2018, he was appointed as Director of port Strategy and Public Relations
From 2014 to 2019 Mr. Djama Ibrahim Darar has regularly acted as interim Port General Manager.
In February 2019 – he was qualified to be a candidate for the position of Vice President of IAPH
(Africa Region).

Since November 2019, Mr. Djama Ibrahim Darar has been the active General Manager of Port of
Djibouti S.A and Doraleh Multipurpose Port.

He is an expert member of the COMESA technical committee, an expert member of the Djibouti-
Ethiopian joint commission, and a panelist at international forums around the world.
He is also a former member of the French Audit and Internal Control Institute and vice president of
the Djibouti Lions Club.